R.I.P. Stony Plain Road Burger Baron

Today, I stopped by the Jasper Place MacEwan campus… and discovered a landmark is no more.

The Burger Baron on 156 Street and Stony Plain Road has been demolished.

The restaurant has been closed for at least as long as the last year, when I caught the bus on a daily basis from the nearby Jasper Place Transit Centre. There was a bottle in the drive-thru window that did not move for months. It wasn’t the burgers that drew me in, but I always appreciated its quirky, characteristic style as part of Stony Plain Road. From tiny laundromats to the Jasper Place Hotel to Brado’s, there’s a lot to like about Stony Plain Road.

Near the end of the school year (April 2015), I noticed some new signage had been posted, from a business that sounded like a developer, and people had been inside the building. I took some photos on my phone, intending to come back, and then admittedly forgot about it in the transition from school back to life.

Good thing I took those photos, because the building is gone gone gone.


The sign is still there, but the building is a pile of rubble. There is heavy machinery working where it once stood.

Good night, sweet prince.